Rachel McMichael’s EXCLUSIVE Membership Experience (formerly Tribe) Bonuses

Want to be notified when Stu McLaren’s Membership Experience (formerly Tribe) opens again and be entered to Receive our Exclusive Business-Building Membership Experience (formerly Tribe) Bonuses worth over $6,500!

“Stu McLaren is MY Personal Friend & Coach who helped me launch my six-figure membership site!”

How to Get Your BONUSES & Goodies:


Enroll in The Membership Experience (formerly Tribe) Today using the link on this page


Once you sign-up, forward your receipt to hello @ rachelmcmichael . com


My support team will email you back with access to your bonus package.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…

If I get your bonuses, do I still get Stu McLaren's?

YES — of course! You get all of Stu’s incredible bonuses PLUS mine!

When do I get all of your bonuses?
Our bonuses will begin delivering on July 1, 2023
Do I only have a limited amount of time to use your bonuses?

Yes and no… the live event is a one-time event in Q4 2022 (but even if you can’t attend LIVE, you’ll receive access to the recordings). The group calls will also be recorded and you’ll continue to have access to them for as long as you’re a student of The Membership Experience (formerly Tribe).

How do I ensure that I get all of your bonuses?

Click on the link below to join. Once you’ve joined through my link, send your confirmation email to our team at hello @ rachelmcmichael . com and we’ll make sure you receive all of your amazing bonuses!

Will I have access to Rachel to ask her questions?

YES! Rachel will be available for each of the group coaching calls!

If I have Rachel's other courses, will I still need The Membership Experience (formerly Tribe)?

Yes! The Membership Experience (formerly Tribe) is the course that helped Rachel build her profitable Business with Impact Academy™.  It’s the Bee’s Knees of membership programs, and it’s unlike anything Rachel currently teaches.

If I already have The Membership Experience (formerly Tribe), can I purchase these bonuses?

Yes! Email our team at hello @ rachelmcmichael.com to learn how to purchase these bonuses separately!

For those who might be wondering "Why the name change?"

A Fresh NEW Name

After a lot of careful thought and hard work, our team has decided it’s time for us to change the name of our signature training course from “The TRIBE Experience” to “The Membership Experience™.”

When we began TRIBE in 2016, we instantly fell in love with the name because it represented a group of people who shared common values and interests. That’s what we are… a group of people who have a shared interest in doing a whole lot of good in the world with what we share inside our membership sites.

But the truth is, for some people, the word can also create feelings of uneasiness, anger, even sadness. Simply put, to continue to use it for our programs just doesn’t feel right.

So we’re making a change… TRIBE is now The Membership Experience™.